Best American Road Trips from NYC, New York

Read along to explore some of the best and easy road trips from New York City but beware as you might be left with a difficult choice with options too good to leave.

City getaways could often surprise us with their beauty, making us wonder why we never cared to visit these places before! 

And if a weekend getaway involves a road trip, it could further enhance the vacation experience.

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Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes Finger Lakes

At an easy distance from New York city, you could be surprised to visit this region located just by one of the biggest cities of America.

An easily accessible but amazingly charming destination, the Finger Lakes region of New York would attract you towards itself for its great natural beauty. 

A group of eleven narrow lakes, the region has abundant hiking opportunities within its state parks gifted with numerous waterfalls. 

Also, a road trip would be best to witness some great locations filled with waterfalls, farm views, lined up small towns and some cheese tasting on the way!

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Westerly, Rhode Island

Westerly Westerly

A town located on the southwestern shoreline of Washington county; this road trip would take you to many great locations to stop by on the way from New York. 

With a 4 hour drive from New York to the town of Westerly, there are numerous towns to enjoy the country scenery, with a few famous locations naming Greenwich, Mystic and Westport along the journey.

This family friendly road trip will finally drive you to the scenic destination of Westerly, welcoming you with sailboats and pristine beaches.

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Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May Cape May

A seashore town worth visiting, this place comes with architectural diversity too along with some of the best beaches in New Jersey and the United States. 

The place is known for its Victorian houses, with preserved interiors from the Victorian times, with shops and restaurants lined along its boardwalk. 

With a distinction for being the first seaside holiday destination of America, Cape May district of New Jersey stands apart in many ways and is one great option for a short road trip from New York.

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The Skyline Drive, Virginia

The Skyline Drive The Skyline Drive

A 105 mile drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, taking this drive is totally worth it for a great road trip given its spectacular scenery. 

This scenic drive in Virginia culminates at the Shenandoah National Park and is one perfect all season road trip from New York City.

City of Philadelphia

City of Philadelphia City of Philadelphia

One of the best and shortest road routes from New York, this city is known for its many revolutionary sites relevant to America's history. 

Known as Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia is located at a comfortable one hour distance from New York and as a short road trip has a lot to offer along its journey as well as the destination city!

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Niagara Falls from New York

Niagara Falls from New York Niagara Falls from New York

One of the must-see attractions in both the United States and Canada, reaching this natural wonder could be an equally memorable sight if you plan to take the road route. 

With a drive roughly totalling up to nine hours from New York, there are numerous stops to relax along the way. 

A year-round destination, Niagara Falls is for all the good reasons one of the popular weekend getaways from New York.

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Catskills from New York

Catskills from New York Catskills from New York

Located in the south-eastern part of the New York state, the Catskills mountain range is specifically known for its rich wildlife, forest reserves, ski resorts, hiking trails and several more natural wonders. 

Presenting a perfect autumn experience, the region includes many popular resort areas. 

From open farm views, country culture and mountains, with all elements present for a great road journey, this road trip from New York cannot be skipped.

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Washington, D.C.

Washington Washington

A must-see city on a visit to the United States, you can come across all the major historical attractions of the country through this day trip. 

Admire the White House and the National Air and Space Museum, along with numerous other attractions which can be covered in a day. 

If you are short on time, this trip is worth taking.

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Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey Hershey

With its legacy attached to the Hershey's Chocolate factory, Hershey, Pennsylvania is known as the sweetest place on Earth, and as you visit there you will know why! 

A destination for family fun, outdoor adventures and perfect city getaways, you can find amazing amusement parks and exclusive resorts in this year-round holiday destination. 

And to add something even better, this place is located at a roughly two hours distance from New York City.

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Killington, Vermont Ski Road Trip

Killington Killington

Home to the largest resort on the East side of America, Killington becomes one of the best getaways during winters. 

Popular for its ski slopes and snowboarding, there is plenty to explore in this area besides it's adventure activities. 

Get the beautiful mountain views from the gondola ride up the Killington Mountain or tour its resort towns on this perfect winter road trip from New York to Vermont.

Home to more than four hundred national parks spread across its fifty states, no list mentioning most astonishing parks in the United States may ever be complete. Read more at Travel Guide to Famous National Parks in USA

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