The Top 10 Food Festivals in the US

An opportunity for all tourists as well as locals to have a fulfilling feast prepared by some of the top chefs of the country, the food festivals of the USA are visited by travelers from all over the world. So, pack your bags and brace yourself for a delightful trip to the USA.

If we speak of food festivals, America has absolutely no shortage of them with lip-smacking delicacies and flavorful drinks, and a friendly environment! If you want to check out some of the major food festivals in the US, keep reading our article! 

The best way to learn about the culture and tradition of a place is through its food. And what better way to get diverse food items in one place, than in a food festival? In addition to trying out the delicious dishes, you also get to mingle with the locals, learn about their history and traditions, try out some of the most exciting dishes, and have a great time in general! Food festivals act as a great approach to sweeten your travel experience by getting a taste of delicacies that you have never savored before.

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Taste Of Chicago

Chicago Chicago

First coming into existence in 1980 due to the efforts of a group of restaurant owners, the organizers of Taste Of Chicago initially took permission from their Mayor fort a one-day food festival that was to be held on the fourth of July. Becoming an instant success, the festival has come a long way since then to become one of the largest food festivals in the US. The diverse and delicious local cuisine blended with fun activities and music concerts, Taste Of Chicago is to this date held on the fourth of July each year, at the Grant Park in Chicago. There is no admission fee for the event, and it works as a great tourist attraction in Illinois. Here you will find some major celebrity chefs, singers, and VIPs of the country. 

  • When is it held - July 8 - 12
  • Where is it held - Grant Park, Chicago

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New York City Wine And Food Festival (NYCWFF)

New York City New York City

Some of the finest wine and dine options gather under one roof during the NYCWFF, inviting some of the true connoisseurs and celebrity chefs to the festival. The events that take place, which sometimes go up to more than 80, include seminars, tastings, dining with celebrity chefs, parties that go till late at night, and some of the best food items of America - offering something for everyone. The NYCWFF 2018 saw a gathering of more than 500 famous chefs and entertainers. The net proceeds of the event are donated to charity, which means by tasting some decadent wine and mouthwatering food, you also contribute to a noble cause!

  • When is it held - October
  • Where is it held - Across numerous venues in NYC

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Los Angeles Food And Wine Festival (LAFW)

Los Angeles Los Angeles

An eight-year-old food festival that brings in some of the fairest epicurean treats of wine and food, the LAFW runs for five days and attracts an array of famous chefs, celebrities, and major media houses of the country. Taking place in Grand Avenue, which is one of the earliest cultural hotspots of America, all the other venues and events of LAFW are pre-selected and prepped for throughout LA. Once you are there, you are bound to go crazy over the delicacies that are prepared by the biggest names in the culinary industry and the festive music that is played in the background by both famous as well as local entertainers.

  • When is it held - August
  • Where is it held - Across numerous venues in LA

Portland Dining Month

Portland Portland

If there is one place that knows how to celebrate food, it will be Portland! Having dedicated an entire month to the art of great delicacies, the Portland Dining Month was first hosted in 2009 and has now become one of the biggest food festivals in America. Continuing the tradition to keep the visitors happy by filling their stomachs to the fullest, the beloved summer festival brings in some of the best restaurants in the city and offers a three-course meal to its visitors, at a very affordable cost. Back in 2018, this festival brought in more than 100 restaurants, offering the visitors fantastic food and wonderful wine. A portion of the profits of the festival goes to the Oregon Food Bank charity.

  • When is it held - March
  • Where is it held - Across numerous venues in Portland

Picklesburgh Festival

Picklesburgh Picklesburgh

If we ask you to think of your favorite American food item, we are sure you will come up with some cheesy goodness, such as burgers, pizzas, and hot dogs. No matter what you think of, pickles go along with all! Marking its fourth year in 2022, the Picklesburgh Festival in Pittsburgh is one of the most sold-out festivals in the US. A celebration of the great pickle history of the city, here you will witness the culinary creativity of both professional and home chefs. Whether you have an international cuisine or an artisan drink, the tangy taste of a pickle spices them all up! All the items in this festival are prepared from fresh farm ingredients, making it a favorite tourist attraction. A family-centered festival, here you will find many fun games and activities to keep everyone in the family happy!

  • When is it held - July
  • Where is it held - Pittsburgh

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Oysterfest Music Festival

San Francisco and San Diego San Francisco and San Diego

Celebrated in both San Francisco and San Diego, this festival is looked forward to by people from all over the world. At Oysterfest you will find a terrific combination of great food, fine drinks, and amazing music. The organizers go to great lengths to make sure that the best artists are invited, both local and international. The specialty of the festival is the oysters, which are brought in from the best farms, and are offered in every way imaginable - baked, fried, barbecue, and even raw! If you are not an oyster lover, no need to worry, here you will be offered some of the finest continental dishes as well! 

  • When is it held - Not announced yet
  • Where is it held - San Francisco and San Diego

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San Diego Food And Wine Festival (DFW)

San Diego San Diego

A 15-year-old festival that is all about diverse food palettes and gourmet cooking, at DFW you will meet the best winemakers, celebrity chefs, food critics, sommeliers, mixologists, and authors. Get ready to taste the perfect blend of the very best flavors, and if you are passionate about food, make this your yearly pilgrim! This grand food festival will showcase more than 40 events all around the city, leading to the Grand Tasting event on the final day.

  • When is it held - November
  • Where is it held - Embarcadero Marina Park North

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Eat Drink SF

San Francisco San Francisco

A celebration of the world-class restaurants and chefs in San Francisco, the festival, now entering its 10th year, is all about the finest food and wine of America. In this treasury of great dining options, you will get your heart’s fill at this festival. With an assortment of the best culinary experiences and exciting events under one roof, with only one ticket you can taste all the dishes that are offered at the festival. San Francisco is popular all over the world for its restaurants, and this festival is your chance to get a taste of everything that the talented tastemakers can create!

  • When is it held - NA
  • Where is it held - San Francisco

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New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE)

New Orleans New Orleans

The most anticipated festival in the city, NOWFE attracts more than 7000 food and wine aficionados from all around the world each year. It is a place to enjoy food, music, and art, all the food items are crafted from fresh ingredients by the top chefs in the city. At this festival, you will find more than 24 restaurants presenting their delicacies, and over 1000 different types of wines. The events in this festival include boulevard evenings in the renowned French Quarter, seminars, and grand tastings! 

  • When is it held - March
  • Where is it held - New Orleans 

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Taste Of Vail

A three-day festival that will offer you the best of the resort town, the Taste Of Vail is one of the best food festivals in America. With events that are spread across the town that is situated at the base of the mountains, here you can eat and revel to your heart’s content. Some of the most exciting features of the festival include the famous Mountain Top Picnic at Eagles Nest on the Vail Mountain, Apres Ski tasting, and the Colorado Lamb Cook-off.

  • When is it held - April
  • Where is it held - Across numerous venues in Colorado

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